miércoles, abril 13, 2005

BLOGthenticity - 33 Ways to Enhance Blog Credibility

(1.) Professional and appropriate design, colors, typeface, photos, illustrations.

(2.) Good blog title, tagline, slogan, logo, description.

(3.) Upfront display of name(s) of author(s) and contributors.

(4.) Type, purpose, mission, location of business displayed prominently.

(5.) Upfront “About Me (Us)” or “Profile”.

(6.) Upfront “Contact”, “Write To”, or “Feedback”.

(7.) High quality writing: intelligent, interesting, personalized, sympathetic, serious (with some humor when appropriate).

(8.) Absence of hype, no high powered sales promotion.

(9.) Sophisticated overall appearance graphically and textually.

(10.) Perfect functionality: contact and registration forms, captchas, comments submissions, special features, file downloads, archive search, print version activation, image galleries.

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