miércoles, octubre 12, 2005

Two new stars are born: Vivir Latino by Blogs Media

VivirLatino, Latino life in blog form, was launched today to coincide with “el Día de la Raza (Día de la Hispanidad)” (an important date celebrated throughout the country by the Latino community, which commemorates Columbus’ discovery of America), with lifestyle, entertainment, society and political information by and about one of the most vibrant and influential communities in the U.S.

VivirLatino, a daily publication in English, can be found on the Web in blog format. With a fair helping of Spanish to spice things up, VivirLatino is a reflection of the diverse cultural backgrounds of many U.S. Latinos.

VivirLatino’s news pieces cover every region of the U.S., thanks to the location of its editors, strategically based in three states with a strong Latino presence: California, Florida, and New York.

VivirLatino’s target audience are second and third generation Latinos who, regardless of their parents’ country of origin, proudly share a common vision, a language and the aspirations that have made them the most dynamic minority in the United States. VivirLatino is the debut blog for Blogs Media, a new company specializing in nanopublications, blog services and blog consulting.

The Editors
Jennifer Woodard Maderazo is a communications and marketing consultant, pop culture fanatic, gadget freak, and documentary filmmaker -- the latter being her passion in life. Born in Baton Rouge and transplanted to Houston, Jennifer later ventured off to film school in Mexico City, where she lived five happy years, only to cruzar el charco to Spain to finish off her studies with a Masters in Documentary from the University of Barcelona. Jennifer currently lives in San Francisco, the city of her dreams, advising clients on issues related to communications. In addition to VivirLatino, she is the author of Latin-Know: The Latino Marketing Report (http://latinknow.com), a blog about marketing trends and campaigns targeting the U.S. Latino market.

Maegan “la Mala” Ortiz is a born and bred Nuyorican single mami, Espanglish poeta, freelance writer, and all around rabble rouser. La Mala has traveled between Puerto Rico and New York City her entire life, stopping for a brief time to live in Chile. She's spent many years working on grassroots activist campaigns around such issues as police brutality, racial violence, and radical mamihood. When she's not blogging for VivirLatino, she's shamelessly exhibiting herself on her personal blog (http://mamitamala.blogspot.com), writing for magazines/websites, working on a novel/short stories, and spitting poesia in clubs in NYC, dragging her daughter behind her.

Rebecca Carter is a proud graduate of the University of Florida with a degree in Marketing. Currently residing in Miami with her Mexican husband, Rebecca has lived in 9 cities across the US and Mexico over the past 7 years.
Rebecca has widely varied interests, from Hispanic trends to the environment. In addition to being an editor on Vivirlatino, she hosts her own blog Trendy Tendencias (http://trendytendencias.blogspot.com), which follows trends related to the US/Mexico and Hispanics. She is also a regular contributor to PSFK (http://www.psfk.com) and eco.psfk.

Blogs Media
Blogs Media is a newly-created company specializing in nanopublications, blogs blogs services and blog consulting. Blogs Media’s team was responsible for the design of the Mexican Blog Directory: (http://blogsmexico.com/) (Yahoo! Best of 2004 winner); Blogs Dominicanos (http://blogsdominicanos.com/) and has participated in the creation of the Spanish blog sites Bitácoras.com (http://www.bitacoras.com/) and Bitácoras.org (http://www.bitacoras.org/).

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