martes, enero 23, 2007

Public Relations: Community Driven MKT dept?

It may sound risky, but yes, there are companies that are really trying to get as much as possible from their customers... and I am not refering just to money.

Francois Gossieaux from explain it his way if, for example, you want to define the market in which your company will play:
Traditional marketing approach - Typically companies will embark on big market segmentation exercises and end up with some lame industry-based or product-tier-based segmentation that has nothing to do with how buyers actually buy their products or use them. The very best market segmentation marketers will look at actual buyer-behavior-based segmentation with the intent to serve those markets much like you would serve micro-niches in the long tail.
Community-based marketing approach - If you tap into self-organized customer and prospect communities you will find that they will self-segment around their particular buying and usage scenarios. So not only will they do the work for you - in most cases they will do it much better!
Is your company ready or actually doing something like this?

Read the full post. It worth it!

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